Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ideas for 40th birthday- Welcoming the spring of life at forty

                Real life begins at 40. This old-world saying is still true. Now as you are in the fourth cycle of life, you are neither termed as restless youth nor are you called as elderly senior citizen. You are somewhere between now, in your middle age, and that is the real age of your lifetime. This is the age where you will eat the fruits of your labour done by you in your young age. This is the phase that can be called as the spring season of your life. When you reach the brink of forties, it’s a special moment of your life. In actual words, your life at forty is somewhat complete and satisfying. By this time in your life you have a partner, kids, money and everything you aspired in your youth days. There is an axiom that young people are slaves to their dreams while the old are accustomed to health problems. So the spring season of your life- your forties are the wonderful years & the most satisfying period of your existence. So the 40th birthday is very special as it opens door to the spring of your life.
            To celebrate the 40th birthday, there are some sure-shot tips that never fail to work. Usually, we are well-settled at this time of life with our children already in their early teens, parents either living together or separate, well versed life with easy flowing finances most probably. The life is still hectic as we are accomplishing major goals of life like completing a home-loan or buying a land plot or saving for children’s higher education. But as you hit forty, spare of these tensions of your life and live a life of your own, at least for one day, and what better if that day is your 40th birthday. Your arrival of spring-time. Maybe you can plan a get together with your old friends and recollect those old college memories, your struggle days, your first salary party and all that. Believe me when you relive those moments with your buddies, you get a kind of nostalgia which makes your eyes wet. If this is not possible, visit your old parents’ home if they are staying apart from you. You are still mama’s boy or papa’s princess in front of them no matter how much you grow up. You can also spend time with your own family and friends and bring a huge cake with 40 candles on it. Then say out loud that you are eligible to be a prime minister at this age. Anyways jokes apart, this is a milestone birthday of your life as you are not classified as young now. Now you’re middle-aged & you feel that all that youthful things are not for you. But you are wrong! As they say, better late than never. If you have feared dancing in your youth, then go for it now. Ask your children to help you out for fulfilling your vacant desires. Now as you are in the 40th year of your life, just go for a kill now. Have a great birthday party; invite all your friends, relatives & whoever you wished for. Have a real blast. Show the world how to live life at forty. So next time you know what to do when someone turns forty.

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