Saturday, 24 August 2013

Good Birthday ideas- How to make a birthday a real ‘happy’ birthday?

                Suppose you are very busy in some work. Suddenly you realize that your best friend’s birthday is just after two days. Actually it was in back of your mind for some time, but your schedule made you forget that particular day that you were planning for. Let’s take another example, suppose your mother’s birthday is just round the corner and you are actually wondering how to make her day really very special. You are quite tensed about some good birthday ideas that you can arrange for your mother on her birthday. But there’s no need to panic, here are some good birthday ideas that can help you anytime without making a big hole in your pocket.
                Now that you want that birthday to be very special because ‘you’ are involved in it. The birthday idea that you are organizing should be unique, creative & never-done-before in his/hers previous birthdays. You should plan a birthday idea such that the person should remember that birthday arranged by you for their entire lives. It should be enriching & satisfying that whenever they celebrate their future birthdays and you are not present, they always remember the birthday you arranged for them and thereby remember you. The best thing that has been tried and tested for a good birthday idea that never fails is a surprise party. The birthday person should not be given a little bit of hint that something is going to happen. Everyone should behave in a manner that nobody remembers anything. The best thing is to invite all the friends of the birthday person in private and then to give a blasting party. Say if you are planning a party for your mother; just find out her old-time friends that she hasn’t met for some long time. Just imagine the pure joy in her eyes when she sees her old friends. The get-together of her old-friends and their talks of their old days that too on her birthday, she’ll feel like it’s her best birthday ever. Same can go for any elderly person’s birthday you are planning for.
                 Now let’s discuss the ideas for the younger generation. The idea of old friends’ invitation won’t suit the current generation though because they are always in touch with their any of the friends via social media. In case of your brother, sister, friend or cousin from the younger generation; you should search all their favorite items they are craving for but they haven’t possessed yet. Say your brother likes a brand new phone, or your sister likes the latest outfit collection and other such examples. If you can arrange their favorite items on their birthdays as their gifts, their happiness will know no bounds. Trust me this works. It’s not that only expensive gifts can be good birthday ideas; there are some other things that are priceless. Plan for an outing with the entire family or if something smaller like a dinner with your friends. Sometimes, the quality time spent with your dear ones matters them the most. Just be with them on their special day and wish them with all your heart. This might be enough for someone. These tiny things that make moments so special should be nourished with all the enthusiasm. So next time you plan for a birthday, remember sweet and simple tips that you can plan for your special birthday person.

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