Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Selfishness Justified

It’s bad to be good

                You feel that you try to be very cheerful, you always smile & let make this world smile. But everything is not simple as a fairytale. All goody-goody things only happen in story books. Real life is hard. Very harsh! It’s like that you always try to be good with people & people respond by using your kindness. In the name of friendship, when you can also be the truest friend to the one you care just like those SMS quotations & friends-for-life type feeling, but it’s not the case of each & everyone. The patience gets tested in such type of relations. You want to be the most honest & friendliest buddy to your friend that whenever they see you they rejoice. They should think that when he’s near, I’ve no fear. A bubbly & cute friend you try to become by doing silly childish things to make the environment chirpy & fresh always. The warmth of your smile should touch your friend’s heart. Those child-like things, those silly stuffs, and those mindless funs are part of the bond of friendship & you don’t need to be judgmental about your pals. Let things be what they are. Try hard in your life for your passions, not for disparaging others. It’s said that a road to friend’s house is never too long, & you may believe in it too. But all your funniness, your mischiefs just come crashing down when you are taken for granted. It hurts somewhere in there which is undefined. A pleasure then turns in burden & boredom for you because you feel your childishness is not worth for. They take you less seriously & neglect as if you never exist. You are not given consideration because you don’t oppress anything, & it’s the tendency of people to go back there where they feel they’ll be rejected. In their minds, they form that thing which they can’t get easily as high priority than those things that are easily available. It’s true! People don’t count what they have, but they of course count up what they don’t. So being good in this world is helpful, but you remain by yourself all alone. Only masks on faces work here and people like them. Everyone fools each other. Trying to hide themselves under any pretext. So just when somebody ignores you, so be it. Because they don’t deserve your attention & let them feel their self-proclaimed ignorance. So just be who you are, because the world will not like you anyway. So chill and don’t think what other thinks about you, because nobody cares here for no-one. The world is a deception & let be it. Don’t run after anyone because they will ultimately fade. Thus too much kindness will hurt you only, so it’s not wrong to be selfish in this selfish world. Because being selfish is the rule to survive in this tricky world. So like any game, if you don’t follow its rules, you lose the game because you are out. Exactly, this is the game of life, play it safe, following its rules. 

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