Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Just A Phase

Live life like there is no tomorrow

Just a phase (जिंदगी जिंदादिली  का  नाम है )

It’s just a phase
It’s not always the case;
Life is hard
Like house of cards;
When time is rough
Going gets tough;
When dusk is dark   
The world will bark;
But that will change
Bliss is in the range;
When you feel you can’t cope
There’s always hope;
Just turn & look around
Aid is always found;
Just share your moan
Because you’re never alone;
When distressed more
Knock His ever-open door
Just have the trust
Tribulations will dust
When trials are gone
 It’s a new dawn
Always on knife
We term it life
It’s not always the case
It’s just a phase

                The poem is dedicated to optimism & hope. The poem tends to describe that life is actually full of problems, trials & tribulations; but it is with everyone. Those who gets stuck in the web created by this harsh life, they always cry & complain. But those who wait for the trials to get over are always winners, as tribulations are only for a period of time. The poem describes the situations during those troubled times but most importantly it provides hope to just hang in on there. Just have patience to pass this tough time, because God is always at your help anytime. Problems are part of everyone’s life, and they will go away after their phase gets over, so it’s just a phase.

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