Friday, 12 July 2013


Fun said to me obtain it
Joy said to me to get it
Happiness said to me to possess it
Ecstasy said to me to embrace it
Delight said to me to clinch it
Pleasure said to me to acquire it
Amusement said to me to grab it
                I replied to them all if I take you now
                After a bit, you all will depart somehow
I would hug endurance
I would grip hard-work
I would keep determination
And so would luck
                When I will to hold them,
                All others would be hollow
                Happiness & Joy all will follow
Just shun the fun, stay honest & true
All the fun would itself chase you

                When poet met the emotions of joy, happiness, ecstasy etc., they all requested the poet to take them but poet refused because he knew if he will take them now, they would after some-time go away. But if the poet goes after the emotions of hard-work, persistence, determination, then the before-said emotions will automatically chase him. They will be forever then with him. Not to let these emotions close to you is the only way to keep this close for you forever.

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