Friday, 19 July 2013


·        Challenges faced as newbie Freelancer

            Okay let’s start. Say writing is your passion. You have a bug bitten of this hobby. You try to market your passion into this world.  You have to write articles for proving your writing skills. You know you are good enough to be a writer, a freelancer or whatever related of sorts. But the major hindrance to your passion is your inexperience. Of course in any of the streams, this old-lady called experience always has a major part to say. But as newbie freelancer, you had to be given experience for some exposure, so that you can take it from there. But everybody demands some kind of this old-lady, wherefrom do the young guns going to get it in the first place? But the employers have their own criterions & regulations, thus they are not going to risk their quality of reputation by allotting the precious work to any rookie. This is the setback for any fresher, anywhere, irrespective of the career path or job orientation. Now let’s get precise to the point about the challenges you face if you are newbie freelancer.
You don't have any idea how this system works. What are its pros and cons? What are its functioning protocols & all that stuff? You are just out in the corporate world. Till now, you were a college-kid who was as dynamic, carefree & restless as you can be. But after that secured environment of college, you step out of your comfort zone & realize the reality is harsh. Life is not bed of roses as you dreamt in college. You thought everything’s simple out there & you are going to rule this world.  Bang! Then the reality strikes! The reality check is absorbing & painful. You may have won elocutions, debates, essay-competitions in your student-life but this professional world is a different ball game. There are many out there who are as good as you, maybe better than you too, if you miss the opportunity there are thousands of others out there to grab it. So being a fresher, you cannot be complacent. And being one in freelancing arena is inviting your doom. A freelancer’s universe is based on words. If you slip a word here a bit in your debut project, your already thread-hanging job may become more complicated. Plus there’s a factor called uniqueness. Freelancers have to be unique, especially the new kids on the block. Because there is a high possibility that almost maximum people would not take you seriously, so you have to ‘earn’ your place by adopting a unique style for yourself. So whenever that style is discussed upon, you too are discussed. Having a specialization in any respective field should be an added advantage. For example, you write about technology and gadgets but you don’t have any knowledge about them, is huge nose-dive for your endeavor. So be specific about anything you write. Having the thorough knowledge of that topic is mandatory and not to drag the topics uselessly. Newbie freelancers have to be always at their creative best. It is generally rumored that plagiarism is rampant among the just-started freelancers. So you have to capture the freshness & astuteness in your work that it attracts the idea of the reader. Copy pasting is as simple as anything. So don’t ever try to copy-paste even a bit of sentence from any other links as you are not doing justice to your own profession, your talent, your passion. You have to create your own thought-process and make the readers to flow with them, that they should connect with your words instantly & thereby virtually get connected with you. The newbie freelancers have hard nut to crack to convince the recruiters about your abilities in writing. Even if you give the Oxford-level article to them, they will always doubt its authenticity, as you are a fresh freelancer. This is the test for freelancer which he has to clear. You always have to value your time & those dead-lines can be much more punishing than last minute submissions of college assignments.
Present them like you have 20 years of experience in this stuff; they will be flabbergasted & will not judge your words. But if you are a starter, be ready to face lot of criticism for slightest of margin of error. But a start in any field is not easy just like a motor-bike needs a kick to start, but when it starts, it just zooms off. So all the new freelancers out there, just bear the kicks now, as in matter of time, you too will sky-rocket if you are a potential worth for this profession.

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