Saturday, 20 July 2013

एक एहसास जिंदगी का

एक एहसास जिंदगी का

दे दे मुझे ए खुदा एक एहसास ज़िन्दगी का
सिखा दें मुझे क्या होता है नूर बंदगी का
तेरे लिए ही तो मैं था जिया
ए खुदा तू ने ये क्या किया  
बस कर अब दे भी दे एहसास ज़िन्दगी का

सुन ले मेरी जुस्तजू
सुन ले मेरी आरज़ू
कर दे मुझे पाको फिजा
दे दे मुझे अब मेरी जज़ा
अब मिल भी जाए राजा
दे दे मुझे ए खुदा एक एहसास ज़िन्दगी का
पकीज़ा कर दे ना पता हो गंदगी का
बस कर अब दे भी दे एहसास ज़िन्दगी का


Friday, 19 July 2013


·        Challenges faced as newbie Freelancer

            Okay let’s start. Say writing is your passion. You have a bug bitten of this hobby. You try to market your passion into this world.  You have to write articles for proving your writing skills. You know you are good enough to be a writer, a freelancer or whatever related of sorts. But the major hindrance to your passion is your inexperience. Of course in any of the streams, this old-lady called experience always has a major part to say. But as newbie freelancer, you had to be given experience for some exposure, so that you can take it from there. But everybody demands some kind of this old-lady, wherefrom do the young guns going to get it in the first place? But the employers have their own criterions & regulations, thus they are not going to risk their quality of reputation by allotting the precious work to any rookie. This is the setback for any fresher, anywhere, irrespective of the career path or job orientation. Now let’s get precise to the point about the challenges you face if you are newbie freelancer.
You don't have any idea how this system works. What are its pros and cons? What are its functioning protocols & all that stuff? You are just out in the corporate world. Till now, you were a college-kid who was as dynamic, carefree & restless as you can be. But after that secured environment of college, you step out of your comfort zone & realize the reality is harsh. Life is not bed of roses as you dreamt in college. You thought everything’s simple out there & you are going to rule this world.  Bang! Then the reality strikes! The reality check is absorbing & painful. You may have won elocutions, debates, essay-competitions in your student-life but this professional world is a different ball game. There are many out there who are as good as you, maybe better than you too, if you miss the opportunity there are thousands of others out there to grab it. So being a fresher, you cannot be complacent. And being one in freelancing arena is inviting your doom. A freelancer’s universe is based on words. If you slip a word here a bit in your debut project, your already thread-hanging job may become more complicated. Plus there’s a factor called uniqueness. Freelancers have to be unique, especially the new kids on the block. Because there is a high possibility that almost maximum people would not take you seriously, so you have to ‘earn’ your place by adopting a unique style for yourself. So whenever that style is discussed upon, you too are discussed. Having a specialization in any respective field should be an added advantage. For example, you write about technology and gadgets but you don’t have any knowledge about them, is huge nose-dive for your endeavor. So be specific about anything you write. Having the thorough knowledge of that topic is mandatory and not to drag the topics uselessly. Newbie freelancers have to be always at their creative best. It is generally rumored that plagiarism is rampant among the just-started freelancers. So you have to capture the freshness & astuteness in your work that it attracts the idea of the reader. Copy pasting is as simple as anything. So don’t ever try to copy-paste even a bit of sentence from any other links as you are not doing justice to your own profession, your talent, your passion. You have to create your own thought-process and make the readers to flow with them, that they should connect with your words instantly & thereby virtually get connected with you. The newbie freelancers have hard nut to crack to convince the recruiters about your abilities in writing. Even if you give the Oxford-level article to them, they will always doubt its authenticity, as you are a fresh freelancer. This is the test for freelancer which he has to clear. You always have to value your time & those dead-lines can be much more punishing than last minute submissions of college assignments.
Present them like you have 20 years of experience in this stuff; they will be flabbergasted & will not judge your words. But if you are a starter, be ready to face lot of criticism for slightest of margin of error. But a start in any field is not easy just like a motor-bike needs a kick to start, but when it starts, it just zooms off. So all the new freelancers out there, just bear the kicks now, as in matter of time, you too will sky-rocket if you are a potential worth for this profession.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Power Of Prayer

Do You believe in God?
          So now let’s begin with it.
Just surf the internet & you would get the scores of articles on self-help & spiritualism. This is not kinda one! It’s actually to make you believe that how important the belief system of a human is. What do I write? What do I say? Okay, now everyday on social media, my friends post polls like ‘Do God exists?’ & such type of atheistic questions. Now it can have many answers.  For the believers, it’s the straight go-ahead but for the so-called rational minds (read: unbelievers), they find a reason in everything. And they are completely justified, you know. Argument is if you have not seen it how  would you ever believe it exists, it’s completely logical. But now there’s another side to it too. Like say, you don’t believe in spirits, only science, yet you are a believer somewhere down the heart. Even Stephen Hawking, ‘everything-happens-for-a-reason’ fanatic too didn’t in the Supreme Energy. This Supreme Energy is nothing but Almighty of course. So let me give an example of one of my friends of my hostel years, he was an atheist. I used to ask him about his spirituality & he would used to say “Believe in yourself, not the things you can’t see.” His statement had every bit of logic. Science has made us rational thinkers, and subsequently atheists. But I was not satisfied with his thoughts. Although the genius he was, he always crumbled at the crunch times, like he was a very good motivational speaker of college, but was year backer. He could not motivate himself to clear the semesters. Then there was another classmate who was an openly critical about the thing like God. He argued that he used to believe in a particular Goddess, always kept her miniature replica with him but one day he met with an accident even though he had that replica . From that day, he gave up his all his beliefs. Now that was not logical. What do you think of God? It’s not a wishing star or your body-guard. You don’t get what you want & you question His entire existence. I told that accident friend to think the positive side, like worse might would have happened that day, maybe permanent physical damage or even death. Because of that Goddess, you are still alive & sound. If I was at that place my belief would have been stronger, but he gave up his belief. It all depends on how you perceive things. God always tests you for your capabilities, checks your belief in Him, if you come out successful, He will reward you. So the situations of crisis & dilemma all are part of package from the divine test. Harder the exam, sweeter the result. And these exams are conducted by the ultimate examiner, so they are bound to test your patience, belief & your deep faith. Situations of despairs are created only to make you come out stronger from it. Once you pass them, rewards are all yours, and don’t forget it’s His rewards which are unparalleled. He wants you to test what you do at those pressure times, turn to Him, or turn away from Him. Whatever you choose then marks up your destiny. And He is just watching your every step, quietly & calmly, letting you do whatever you do, because in the end, He knows, you will return to Him for sure.
My Personal Experiences
I was also in such a dilemma couple of years ago. I mean like you know whether God exists or not I was very anxious about this. Actual reason for this was that I wanted to be successful in life. So I just used to think that something will help me to reach there. So I used to search mundane things like which religion is the richest, most lucky, most beautiful. Because I thought that if they have these things that mean God had favored them so just changing religion will make me what I want. But I didn’t get a satisfactory answer anywhere. Then I thought to become an atheist, because almost successful people were atheists then like Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. So I thought to be one. They believed that work is their worship & so they were successful. It was good motivation because if you dedicate all your time to work you can be successful. So it was not a big deal. But my heart wanted a correct answer. Keeping all these rationalism & open-minded thoughts aside, I wanted a genuine answer. I knew no one is like 100% a complete atheist in this world. Even if they say so, they all somewhere deep down have that hidden faith, which they themselves are unaware of. So atheism was not an answer.
                 Atheist is a person who does not believe in God while agnostic is a person who has doubts over existence of God. And evil is a person who knows that God surely exists, still he denies and makes people deny. Now evil is somewhat negative & irrational too. Better be an atheist than an evil. But still whenever I found myself in a grave problem, I would automatically turn to Almighty, forgetting my atheistic ways. Then I began my soul-searching & although I used to pray, I wanted a deep connect with Almighty. Praying just like reciting repeated words while your heart is playing chess outside is completely worthless. Pray with heart. Feel what are you saying while praying. I read a lots of holy books;Quran, Gospel, Gita etc. I was very much amazed that they had to say same things just in different words. ‘God is One’, I was taught in my Value Education subject in my very first grade & how true it was I actually realized that time. Religion has nothing to do with it.So my answers were uncovering now. I prayed more. More and more. And then a tragedy struck my life. I was like mentally shattered by that. All despair everywhere.
                I felt same like that accident friend, you pray and pray & all you get is this! But I never lost hope. I still prayed to avert my disaster. My parents were on verge of divorce then. I & my sister were feeling all’s lost, because we were quite young then. I could not imagine this is my life. I prayed with my heart-ache all the time. Praying made me feel secured. Gave me hope that was far lost somewhere. I was beginning to experience faith now. This was the first instance I genuinely believed God. Time went, and I came to hostel. Here I was all alone with a bunch of guys always trying to ridicule & make fun of me. I used to feel like all alone, although this was not as big as my family problem, the one suffering from it would know. I was like so much upset then, I know this is part of everybody’s life, still could not cope peer(read: poor) pressures. A guy just for fun & to show his superiority ridiculed me in front of a group so badly that it shattered my personality. I cried all the time due to that and felt inferior. I cried & did what I do best: prayed. I still can recollect I was literally crying while praying because it was directly from open heart. That came major second instance of my belief. Then University Examinations, Oh How could I forget that. I didn’t studied in my examinations like always. And still the results. And the friends that admire me. Now my trust in prayer have crossed seven heavens. I genuinely believe in power of prayers because I had experienced it. How? See the first instance, my parents are united & happy as ever & I hope to stay them forever. That’s  what I asked Almighty & he gave. I still can’t help thanking him. Then second instance where I was ragged. The guy that made me feel low is now one of my admirers & he had been ridiculed thousands of time before me & I had saved him from that. Now he had just become a toy of joy for raggers. I didn’t wanted that revenge from him but I had to mention this to prove he got more than a tit for tat for doing that to me. All was done by itself. Then are the series of small instances which had made my belief go stronger each passing day. Ask for help genuinely, you get it. As I told you about my exams, my results are always satisfactory for me for the kind of negligible input I give to studies. But for others, it’s like a miracle that I pass year after year, as they hardly see me studying anytime. It maybe a miracle for them, but for me, it’s my belief that helps in everything. They say I own a superb fortune & I laugh on myself, who cursed self fortune during those early tragic days. And those countless numerous things can’t be even described.
 So for me it all began with a calamity. Supposedly, it was to test my faith & belief. The kind of catastrophe encountered could have made me go down wrong way but I didn’t go astray. I kept faith, just waited for the sun to shine again. And yes, it shone superbly. So don’t be worried by problems, have faith.
 It had opened various doors for me to believe in His existence. That was the day, and today is the day, which has transformed me from a restless atheist to a serious authentic believer. So this was my power of prayer that made wonders in my life. It was not an overnight matter, it was a complete journey. The source was not as ideal to start with but whatever the journey had been beautiful, full of emotions, a journey that everyone should look forward too. In the start the ways were bumpy & slippery, but soon at the crossroads, if you choose a correct path you will love this incredible journey. Journey of faith, journey of self-discovery, journey of prayer all in one. This ain’t over yet, I am yet to reach the destination. Ultimate destination.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

A letter to a friend on last day of college life. (Thanking him for being a friend)

Hello  friend,
                What’s up?  My last days of college life & I need your constant support. I don’t know how these days have passed like. Three years have passed like three days. I still can’t believe what was my college life was all about. Dude, Let me tell you that this will be the best letter of your life from a friend, who admire you the most. Wherever I go in my future life, whenever there will be a discussion about technical things, your name would definitely come in my mind.
                Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai jab maine tumhe diploma me first time jaana tha, hum train me saath me aa rahe the Byculla se Mumbra, baarish aa rahi thi, main pehle zyada cricket nahi dekhta tha, to ek baar practical me main ek question kiya  aise hi faaltu me (main pehle se hi faaltugiri karta tha ), tera favourite cricketer kaun hai,tumne kaha Hashim Amla, tab mujhe pata bhi nahi tha kaun hai vo. Main tumhe diploma me pata nahi kya samajhta tha,  had to tab ho gayi jab tum circuit me  madam ki mistakes nikaal rahe the, main dekh raha tha, khada khada shock ho gaya, saala mujhe kuch tabhi ek single cheez nahi aa rahi aur ye banda kya kamaal kar raha hai. Tab se somewhere in my heart, you gained respect. Phir meri dosti Javed se thodi badhi, uske saath baat karte kabhi kabhi tera bhi zikr hota, par vo hamesha religious hi baat karta aur vo pata nahi kya kya bolta rehta but mujhe to ye sab kuch samajh hi nahi aata tha. Tumhare fights, tumhare debates, tumhari daleelein. College ko religious debate ground tum logo ne hi banaya. Main sirf dur se dekhte rehta, tum log Islamic books aur pata nahi kya-kya laake ek dusre pe thopte rehte. Main dil me yehi sochta “Both of You, Grow up” But teri jo izzat mere dil me thi vo barkarar thi.
                Main zyada college to aata nahi tha but ek din main festival pe aaya tha aur college band tha. Tu bhi us din aya tha but tu book return karne aya tha. Once again maine socha yaar sirf book dene ye banda Mumbra se aya hai, main kabhi bhi aau hi na. Then I didn’t had much interaction with you guys in diploma because tu sabse alag rehta tha, shayad tu ne apna alag comfort zone banaya tha jisme sirf kuch log ko hi allowed tha. I also didn’t try to reach you coz koi kaam hi nahi pada, main bhi kisi ke saath apna alag hi zone banane laga. Then came a point jab main thoda uncomfortable feel karne laga jab mera dost used to hang out with the ‘Chamdi’ people of our class . So I actually didn’t belong to any of the group. Hota bhi kaise mujhe eid ka chaand jo bolte the college me. But jab main tumhare group ko dekhta tha I used to feel actually group bina chamdigiri kiye huwe bhi banaya ja sakta hai. You just used to get off to home as soon as college used to be over without wasting much time.I used to get himmat that atleast some people are not into that stuff that I don’t like. Then hamari zyada mulakaatein nahi huyi aur diploma bhi khatam ho gaya aur bas tum us waqt  mere liye ek aam class-mate ki tarah hi the, koi aise nahi jise main  zindagi bhar yaad rakhu.
                Phir kahaani shuru huyi jab diploma ke results aaye aur tere gharme sab jamaa ho gaye. ‘bathroom me A.C’ ye kahaani bhi tabhi se shuru huyi. Uske baad se hi zindagi ka naya safar shuru hua, Mujhe kabhi Bombay chhod ke jaana hi nahi tha, but kuch aise halaat ho gaye ki main bhi degree aa pahocha. Yahaa to bhayya pucho hi mat, zindagi ne jaise U-turn hi le liya, maine kabhi socha hi na tha main mummy ke bina reh paunga, kehne ko to tab main 18 saal ka tha par maa ke bina 4 saal ka hi tha.
                Phir dheere dheere life guzarti gayi degree me, sab rote rehte the par sirf tu hi himmat dilate rehta tha “Hum kuch banne aaye hai yahaa, rone nahi” Aur ek baat, maine mummy se kahaa tha ki kuch dosto se meri itni khaas pehchaan nahi hai, vo log thode alag hai, ek dost hai tabhi thoda reh paunga (coz main SIRF usi ko hi achchhi tarah janta tha diploma se), kise pata tha ke ye log hi aage jaa ke usse bhi important ho jayenge mere liye aur main wish karunga ki kaash vo  aya hi na hota hota degree me.
                Phir first year me hum dono me little bit (Little bit only ha), kahaa-suni ho gayi, jab I used to tease you on girls and you used to fight back. (Kitna stupid tha main yaar) I am sorry for that yaar. Even hum thoda maar-peet bhi kiye the, I don’t know you remember or not but I am sorry for that too.
                Tu soch raha hoga, ye sab kyu likh raha hu because apna dil me puri tarah saaf kar dena chahta hu, kuch bhi baaki na reh jaye gile-shikwe. Phir to tum sudhar gaye aur main bhi akalmand ho gaya. Phir bachcho jaise hum nahi lade. Aur inshallah I hope tu mujhe kam se kam yaad to rakhe ki mera koi aise naam ka dost tha, itna to maang hi sakta hu na?
                 Haa aur ek baat, I hope tu logo ko inspire karta rahe jaise tu ne mujhe ye college life ke 3 saal kiya, I am not going to thank you for helping me in my studies, nor  I am going to thank you for every help & explanation you provided. You know why? Dosto ko thanks nahi bola jata, haq se liya jata hai aur bola jata hai ‘chal kal aana’. J
But seriously dude,  mere dil me hamesha hoga ki tu aptitude Bug Bang nahi jeet paya college me. Tera to saale bad luck bhi kharaab hai. But tu to talented hai, teri kheech nahi raha hu ek fact bol raha hu jo ek dost ne 3rd year me bola tha
  Wo to aisa banda hai ki apun  university hote to degree de dete usko bina exam ke”    Fact baat hai yaar! Even if I were university, I would have given you the degree without any exams!

Tere liye ek shayri:

Tera raat raat jaag ke vo padhaana
Teri khud ki exam na ho phir bhi sabko sikhana
KT kisi ko bhi lage, tujhe vo book haath me lena
Har exam me tera ‘koi problem hai to bol’ kehna
Nahi bhoolunga main
Jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan!
J Sorry ye meri nahi Shah Rukh ki shayri hai, par main bhi shaayri acchhi karta hu yaar..
Aur haa mujhe kabhi  bhi bhoola  toh ek fight hi maarunga! I know dosti me no thank you-sorry but phir bhi I tell you this:
THANK  YOU Dost for being my friend. I am SORRY if I hurt you anytime, I don’t know what would be College without you guys! Direct Dil se likha hai  ye letter ! Mr. Technical.. Hey Don’t even dare to forget me.
Aur haa, jab Bill gates ki company teri company take-over kare to mujhe pehle hi bata dena, kuch tips dunga tujhe! J Haha…. Hope I remain lovely (pyaara,) to you.

Hai na buddy?

Tera  dost,