Saturday, 29 June 2013

Stupid W0rld


What do I do with this stupid world?
Running behind the illusions this herd
Eating gadgets & breathing Facebook
Forgot the nature how to look
Those rains & those earthly smells
Those Christmas gifts & those Jingle Bells
Wish had the button that could change the trend
Wrong gone the world, want to mend
Just a click away from a distant friend
But a heart to heart chord, only a hug can send
 Consuming Android apps & drinking Twitter
Forgot that fun & old pals’ jitter
Worried of the slowing speed of net
Waiting for the ticket to jet
But can’t match fun of the old pal’s silly bet
Take it all technologies new
But give me back that morning dew
That fun with friends who were few
That old torn cloth that I could sew
Wish had the button that could change my ways
That would give me back my good old days.

The above poem describes what the young generation is missing due to technological advancements. Although the technology has brought world virtually closer, but it has also made it really far. The world is gone stupid, as it is running behind the technology & missing the fun that beautiful life actually has to offer. The world is running behind illusions which will disappear in sometime & something new will replace it and world will again start running behind it, forgetting the real things that can’t be replaced & pure joy they have associated with them like a friend’s genuine hug is thousand times better than scores of smileys & chats, like silly things of friends, morning dew & all that small undefined joy that comes with it. Thus good old days without technologies are missed and the world is called stupid as it is running behind worthless things.


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