Saturday, 29 June 2013

Apology letter to H.O.D

Head of Department,
Myself, undersigned, is writing this again to apologize for the mistake committed by me during the Pre University Test examinations.
            Sir, Please I am deeply apologizing for my misconduct. I cannot call my parents as they won’t come from my hometown, I know them. Sir any other alternative can be discussed upon. Sir I really didn’t knew the consequences of that little bit of mischief occurred during that highly regarded period. Sir Please allow me my submissions. Please sir do whatever you want but do not call my parents. Sir Please show some mercy on me. Please sir I am deeply apologizing from bottom of my hearts.
            I did not know that this would have become such a big issue. Sir, I had enough of lessons learnt. I really did not mean it what I wrote in the paper. Please forgive me for the last & only time. Sir please  I am ready to go all other consequences but I cannot call my parents. Sir please understand my situation, Calling parents is a matter of life & death for me. Please don’t call my parents, please sir, don’t call my parents please sir.
            I know my mistakes are some heavy ones but sir please forgive me. I did not understand the gravity of the situation that time. Sir please kindly accept my submissions, please sir please. I have learnt my lessons. Sir I know you are very kind-hearted, sir please forgive me sir. I am not that type of rebel student who just goes on to speak rubbish. I just wrote it casually for fun & seriously I didn’t mean what I wrote in those papers. Sir please I am already troubled.
            Please sir show mercy on me for the last time. Sir please sir & I promise you that I will also become a pride of department and not someone for whom department will be ashamed of. Sir, I again say sorry for my childish things. Sir please forgive me, do whatever you want with me but don’t call my parents sir. Please sir I request you. Sorry once again genuinely.
            Sir I hope you will allow my submissions. Please sir I am not the crap of department as you think of me. Please sir please, forgive me!
Yours faithfully,

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