Monday, 30 December 2013


Life is a presentation
 Presentation is the way of corporate life. You breathe, eat and drink presentations when you are a corporate professional. Everyone in office just seems to so worry about that next meeting and what in store for next busy hours. It’s true, any new project undertaken need to get a nod from their directors’ board. So everything, yes stressing, ‘everything’ needs to be discussed to present them to impress them. Everything, again stressing, ‘everything’ depends on the presentation. So you need to be little careful because one presentation can be landmark episode of your to-be illustrious career. You ask any of the reputable corporate bigwigs and they’ll say that during their early days of corporate world, they had to give lots of presentations for proving their capability. Trying to influence the audience by your staging of scheme of things will lead you to grow. All said and done, if you want to sky-rocket to the top of the league, you should have excellent presentation skills.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Good Birthday ideas- How to make a birthday a real ‘happy’ birthday?

                Suppose you are very busy in some work. Suddenly you realize that your best friend’s birthday is just after two days. Actually it was in back of your mind for some time, but your schedule made you forget that particular day that you were planning for. Let’s take another example, suppose your mother’s birthday is just round the corner and you are actually wondering how to make her day really very special. You are quite tensed about some good birthday ideas that you can arrange for your mother on her birthday. But there’s no need to panic, here are some good birthday ideas that can help you anytime without making a big hole in your pocket.
                Now that you want that birthday to be very special because ‘you’ are involved in it. The birthday idea that you are organizing should be unique, creative & never-done-before in his/hers previous birthdays. You should plan a birthday idea such that the person should remember that birthday arranged by you for their entire lives. It should be enriching & satisfying that whenever they celebrate their future birthdays and you are not present, they always remember the birthday you arranged for them and thereby remember you. The best thing that has been tried and tested for a good birthday idea that never fails is a surprise party. The birthday person should not be given a little bit of hint that something is going to happen. Everyone should behave in a manner that nobody remembers anything. The best thing is to invite all the friends of the birthday person in private and then to give a blasting party. Say if you are planning a party for your mother; just find out her old-time friends that she hasn’t met for some long time. Just imagine the pure joy in her eyes when she sees her old friends. The get-together of her old-friends and their talks of their old days that too on her birthday, she’ll feel like it’s her best birthday ever. Same can go for any elderly person’s birthday you are planning for.
                 Now let’s discuss the ideas for the younger generation. The idea of old friends’ invitation won’t suit the current generation though because they are always in touch with their any of the friends via social media. In case of your brother, sister, friend or cousin from the younger generation; you should search all their favorite items they are craving for but they haven’t possessed yet. Say your brother likes a brand new phone, or your sister likes the latest outfit collection and other such examples. If you can arrange their favorite items on their birthdays as their gifts, their happiness will know no bounds. Trust me this works. It’s not that only expensive gifts can be good birthday ideas; there are some other things that are priceless. Plan for an outing with the entire family or if something smaller like a dinner with your friends. Sometimes, the quality time spent with your dear ones matters them the most. Just be with them on their special day and wish them with all your heart. This might be enough for someone. These tiny things that make moments so special should be nourished with all the enthusiasm. So next time you plan for a birthday, remember sweet and simple tips that you can plan for your special birthday person.

Ideas for 40th birthday- Welcoming the spring of life at forty

                Real life begins at 40. This old-world saying is still true. Now as you are in the fourth cycle of life, you are neither termed as restless youth nor are you called as elderly senior citizen. You are somewhere between now, in your middle age, and that is the real age of your lifetime. This is the age where you will eat the fruits of your labour done by you in your young age. This is the phase that can be called as the spring season of your life. When you reach the brink of forties, it’s a special moment of your life. In actual words, your life at forty is somewhat complete and satisfying. By this time in your life you have a partner, kids, money and everything you aspired in your youth days. There is an axiom that young people are slaves to their dreams while the old are accustomed to health problems. So the spring season of your life- your forties are the wonderful years & the most satisfying period of your existence. So the 40th birthday is very special as it opens door to the spring of your life.
            To celebrate the 40th birthday, there are some sure-shot tips that never fail to work. Usually, we are well-settled at this time of life with our children already in their early teens, parents either living together or separate, well versed life with easy flowing finances most probably. The life is still hectic as we are accomplishing major goals of life like completing a home-loan or buying a land plot or saving for children’s higher education. But as you hit forty, spare of these tensions of your life and live a life of your own, at least for one day, and what better if that day is your 40th birthday. Your arrival of spring-time. Maybe you can plan a get together with your old friends and recollect those old college memories, your struggle days, your first salary party and all that. Believe me when you relive those moments with your buddies, you get a kind of nostalgia which makes your eyes wet. If this is not possible, visit your old parents’ home if they are staying apart from you. You are still mama’s boy or papa’s princess in front of them no matter how much you grow up. You can also spend time with your own family and friends and bring a huge cake with 40 candles on it. Then say out loud that you are eligible to be a prime minister at this age. Anyways jokes apart, this is a milestone birthday of your life as you are not classified as young now. Now you’re middle-aged & you feel that all that youthful things are not for you. But you are wrong! As they say, better late than never. If you have feared dancing in your youth, then go for it now. Ask your children to help you out for fulfilling your vacant desires. Now as you are in the 40th year of your life, just go for a kill now. Have a great birthday party; invite all your friends, relatives & whoever you wished for. Have a real blast. Show the world how to live life at forty. So next time you know what to do when someone turns forty.

30th Birthday ideas

30th birthday has to have a grand celebration as it gets you into a new decade, a new phase of your life in maturity but birthday will always be one thing coming every year to have fun as much as you want and everything is forgiven. So, here are some of the best 30th birthday ideas.
Call out all his friends and acquaintances and arrange a ball dance party in a hall where waiters serving different beverages. Decorate the place with royal lights and curtains and invite people in fancy costumes. Gentlemen in their elegant look and women in their royal gowns and other fancy dresses will fill the place up with grace.
For a simple yet pleasing celebration, you may go on a long drive with 7-8 close friends in an open jeep or a convertible car having all sorts of fun. Stop the car near scenic beauties, take photo graphs, have coffees and snacks on the way. Won’t it be one of the best 30th birthday ideas.
Most of the working class 30 year olds live away from their family for jobs. It would be the most effective idea for calling out their parents and siblings for a secret visit. It will be the best surprise and spending all the day with family in peace having mother’s cooked food will be a relief from all the worries.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Magnificient Matheran

                                                                Magnificient Matheran

                You got up thinking you’ve to go with your father for his work to some place about 100 kms near Mumbai. You might always be yawning when it comes to support your dad for his work which don’t interest you. Same was the condition for me till my father said one word where we are going. Matheran. Believe it or not, hearing the name Matheran I super quickly got ready to my parents surprise. But Matheran deserves it. The nearest railway station is Neral in the Central Railway line which is on Kalyan-Karjat route. From Mumbai, you can take local train till Neral costing you around 15 bucks one-way. From Neral, you have two ways to reach Matheran. First of all, the world-famous toytrain that takes about two hours to reach Matheran costing you about 75 bucks per head. But toy-train runs very slowly. Word ‘Run’ is an exaggeration for toy-train. You can say it crawls fast. However, don’t be disappointed because there’s a reason for its slow speed. You can enjoy each and every view of Sahyadri mountains that comes every step to the fullest. That’s why its specially made run slow for your greatest viewing experience. The hills & valleys that it crosses during its two hour run is just indescribable When you look at those beautiful mountains around you, your breath goes “wow” automatically. The freshness of air will make your mind fresh & the atmosphere gets cooler with the altitude it gains. You will see the beauty of nature at its best while crossing the ghats. If you blink an eye, you’ll feel you have missed something to watch because everything around you will be so pure, fresh and unadulterated nature. Be it the deep gigantic valleys, or the fading horizon among clouds, the lush green trees, the beautiful sounds of bird’s tweet (Well, actual tweet, stay away twitter), you feel you are born for this only. The rocks, the streams, lakes and many more landscapes welcome you at the doorstep of Matheran. Wait! You are still not in Matheran, but you feel the aura of that tiny hill-station in your now-blossoming blood. But during monsoon period, this toy-train remains shut for full four months as the route is not suitable for moist travel. So precaution-wise, Matheran has to be reached by roadways during June to September i.e. Indian Monsoon season.
                So you can opt for a second way that is road travel. It takes you to your destination much faster. But there is a stop-point between your journey to Matheran by road. Matheran is claimed to be the smallest and cleanest hill-station in India. To prevent pollution, no vehicle is allowed in Matheran. The only transport you find there is horses and hand-pulled auto rickshaws. Only Matheran Hill Muncipal Corporation-owned ambulance is operated in Matheran. So all the travellers by road have to stop at Dasturi, a village about 5km near Matheran, where you need to buy a permit to visit Matheran costing you 50 bucks per head. From Neral, one can find taxis taking you to Dasturi which cost you around 70 bucks till Dasturi. Then you have to buy a ticket of 50 bucks as said earlier to enter Matheran. You have to walk about 5 kms on foot from Dasturi to reach Matheran, do not worry you’ll not be alone, there will be many fellow tourists and lot of monkeys. Be cautious of eating food in front of monkeys, they can snatch your food and run away but don’t get afraid they will not harm you. There are also horse services if you don’t wish to walk that costs you 200 bucks more. But trust me, watching the  superb scenery is worth walking. Once you reach Matheran, you’ll see cottages & hotels where you can stay. Every hotel has its own pricing depending upon your luxuries. Well, outside Neral station only, you’ll find travel and hotel agents of Matheran. You could book at Neral only and stay at your desired hotel once you are in Matheran. The cheapest hotels charge around 500 bucks per room per day. Food charges extra. I don’t think you’ll be interested in eating once you reach Matheran because there are lots of points to see.
At your hotel only, ask for a Matheran map and you can travel the entire Matheran on foot. It’s really small. But if you get tired easily, you can hire horses plenty around. They charge you around 70 bucks per point but I advise you to travel by foot. Matheran is a small locality like any lane in your area and that’s it. Most people there earn as tourist guides and there are some shops in Bazar Peth, where you can buy some chikkis and take away to your homes. If you don’t eat a chikki in Matheran, it’s an insult to Matheran tourism. Get yourself ready for various points there, sunset point, monkey point, echo point etc. In one day you can’t see all of them, you need at least three days to enjoy all the beautiful points. You feel you are in clouds when you stand at those points. The line that connects sky and earth is hardly seen because there is so much fog around.
So if you want to enjoy the magnificient Matheran, you need to have around 3000 bucks per head to enjoy Matheran to the fullest. Don’t worry, Matheran is pollution free and you’ll be refreshed as ever you can be. So next time you plan an outing, Matheran should be top of your list.


I was walking through the narrow lanes of my downtown suburb to reach the local railway station. I was quite thrilled as I was going with to a nearby hill-station with my father. As I was walking there came my friend Javed’s general store. His shop  is generally a stopover point for those who take the back-route to the railway station. I passed by his shop. His father or what Javed normally calls ‘abba’, was sitting idly, maybe he was counting flies I guess. I wanted to pass by so that he doesn’t see me & I can go straightaway without doing all the formalities to him. He noticed me. I had to stop.
“As Salaam Valekum, uncle.” I had to greet him anyhow for keeping myself in their ‘good books.’
“walekum salaam beta”
“So uncle? What’s going on?”
“Beta, I heard about your result.”
Bang on! That’s why I was avoiding everyone. I knew he’d ask about the result. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my result but everyone’s mouth has been wide open as I have failed my final year degree examinations while Javed has scored distinction. But now why is everybody making a mountain of molehill?
“Uncle, that happens. Don’t worry I’ll clear next semester.”
“Yes, you’ll clear it but if you would have cleared it I’d be happy. You are Javed’s friend, to me you are like Javed only, how could you not clear your papers, you are so intelligent.”
“Uncle, that happens.” I repeated again to remind him my first line.
“Javed told me you are very intelligent. You don’t study that’s why you failed. In previous semesters you may take as many backlogs you like, but in final semester you should have cleared it.”
Uncle is pressing my paining vein. I know I should have cleared it. But now it’s not cleared, now what to do? I have already had lots of ‘you-are-so-intelligent-then-how-failed’ moments courtesy my mother. No, I am not any criminal. Well, but in this zone, failing degree examinations is not less than a crime. Okay, okay let’s continue the conversation.
“Beta, you are so intelligent. Now clear all your papers. Look at my Javed, you know na he is from vernacular medium. Still see how proud he has made me.” I felt so guilty like I have committed a sin. Are my parents ashamed of me? No they are not. But whatever uncle said was cent percent true. All was my fault. I knew I was capable enough to top the university & when the world has lot of expectations from you & you not only disappoint them, you thrash their hopes then you are deserving all these hearings. They  all care for you & so they say all these things. But I know behind every failure there’s a success. Right now, you may not know but then you’ll realize life was so awesome. I continued the talk.
“Uncle, Eid Mubarak.” Those were Eid days so I just took the Eid greetings to divert the topic from my result. And guess what? It worked. Uncle too greeted me. And we exchanged a few more greetings for our families and uncle said,
“Beta, come home. Have shir-kurma, aunty will be pleased to see you. Javed is also at home only.”
“Thank you, uncle.”
My daddy came by then and we moved towards the railway station. But this conversation with Shamshad uncle, simply Javed’s abba, had touched me somewhere. It had nothing dramatic or thrilling but even in casual meetings, people always ask you your milestones like your results, your health, your marriage, kids, parents etc. So I promised myself that whenever I meet my acquaintances, they should be proud that they are ‘my’ acquaintance. I hope I may become what I aspire for. Till then, all those you-are-so-intelligent-then-how-failed gossips that come my way, I have to face them & get better of them. I trust Almighty for this & of course, myself.